Friday, August 30, 2019

Daffodil day

Kakapo are proud to support Daffodil Day this year - we started with a prayer of gratitude and thanks. Such a beautiful day - Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


These are the children from Kakapo who are in our special character team here at Pompallier. They did an amazing job today organising the talent quest. Great stuff!

Pompallier Talent Quest

A huge congratulations to our KAKAPO students who got up and gave it a go in our Talent Quest today. Awesome stuff!


We had a great morning this morning at Mahi Tahi. Students were blindfolded and had to describe what they tasted. It was a very fun morning!
Great teamwork, collaboration and use of your senses team.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


We had a wonderful session today with PIWI who are our buddy class.
Buddies had to take a photo of them together and write all the things they had in common. Check out Kakapo class pages for the results.
Lots of skills being used:
- Co operation
- Collaboration
- Relationship building
- Connections
- Tech skills
- Teaching
- Communication

Monday, August 19, 2019

Well done Alyx, Jayme and Indi

A NOTE FROM HEATHER COLLINS who visited our class last week.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to these young learners for taking the time in sharing their learning with me last week when I visited from Auckland.  
They were knowledgeable about the content, clear about its purpose and receptive to some constructive criticism…
They had taken a muti-model approach to their project and how to extend it or differentiate it for any given audience.
They were very mature in their approach to the content and rightly proud of the outcome they had achieved.

Well done team - this is great feedback!

Religious Education

A TEACHER’S PRAYER God our Father and Creator You have made yourself known, for this we give you thanks. Little by little we have come to know you, for this we give you thanks. Through people and all creation you have made yourself known, For this we give you thanks. Through spectacular events and quiet moments You have revealed yourself, for this we give you thanks. But through Jesus all that was known took human form. Through him we can see you. Through him we can come to know you better. Through him we give you praise and thanks forever. Amen

Our religious education lesson today related to the image of God in the New Testament. This created some great discussion about how we imagine God to be based on verses from the New Testament. Great team work Kakapo!